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Meshell Ndegeocello - Outside your door

Meshell Ndegeocello Outside Your Door LIVE

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Description: July 13, 1996 performance of "Outside Your Door" at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Holland. Band includes Michael Neal, Allen Cato, Daniel Sadownick, Federico Gonzalez Pena, Gene Lake, Arif St. Michael and Biti Strauchn. While Brian McKnight may claim to have written “Anytime” before Meshell Ndegeocello had a recording contract, you do the math. Six years before Brian plagiarized “Outside Your Door” and released “Anytime” on September 23, 1997 without giving any credit to the person who wrote the song - Voyceboxing released an early version of “Outside Your Door” on their self-titled 1991 album. “Talk To Me” is an early version of “Outside Your Door,” and the words & music for the song were correctly credited to Meshell Lynn Johnson in the liner notes. Although the album is now out of print, it can still be found occasionally on eBay. “When that song came out—you know, I used to beg my record company to put out, “Outside Your Door.” It’s like, ’that’s the single man, put it out.’ But they ignored me. Then brother Brian—just straight up took my shit. You can’t cry over spilled milk—you just let it go—’cause I—I’ll keep writing and I’ll write many other songs, so that’s cool.”—Meshell Ndegeocello, Luna Park, West Hollywood, May 13, 1999


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Aqui jazz... em túmulo assombrado e intranquilo! :)