quarta-feira, fevereiro 20, 2008

Angela Hewitt

Bach - Prelúdio e Fuga em Sol Menor, nr.16 - BWV885

É espantoso, para não dizer, vergonhoso, que em concertos de música clássica não se respeite o silêncio. Sei que nem sempre é fácil evitar espirrar, tossir ou pigarrear, mas é possível (falo por mim) evitar emitir esses sons, com alguma concentração e auto-domínio. Transcrevo aqui as impressões desta fabulosa pianista e cravista canadiana, quando do seu último recital em Portugal. O vídeo não é do citado concerto, nem possuo elementos que me permitam identificar o local ou a data do recital. Quem o colocou no YT não prestou essas informações. Sorry!
Bach in Lisbon (2008-02-14)
I just finished playing my Bach marathons here in Lisbon, Portugal. It was the third time I have performed as part of the Piano Series in the Auditorium of the Gulbenkian Foundation. The large audience was on its feet at the end of Book II. When I started the first concert, the coughing was terrible, and then in the first pause after the fourth Fugue, a man in the audience yelled out something in Portuguese which of course I didn't understand, but for sure everybody heard it! I was later told that he said what I thought he had said: "Stop coughing so we can hear the music!" because after that they were considerably quieter. I hate to go on about that, but it makes such a huge difference not just to how I feel, but to the whole atmosphere in a hall. Silence is golden. A lot of coughing, I am sure, comes from a lack of concentration on the part of the listener. Enough about that. For the first time, I had a few hours to see something of Lisbon and the surrounding area, and the weather was warm and sunny. A quick trip to Sintra and along the coast with friends was very enjoyable. My former piano teacher, Jean-Paul Sevilla, came all the way to Lisbon for these concerts, and I was very happy to have him present in the hall.
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